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Once Upon a Time...
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess.
The princess was put to sleep by an evil witch, and spent hundreds of years waiting for her Prince Charming.
Her prince never came.
The witch watched over the princess…
Imagining what it would be like to be her…
To have her beauty…
To be the heiress to a kingdom…
The witch waited for her Prince Charming.
He came.
His name was Death.
…ever after.
:iconrom-maniac:rom-maniac 4 2
From space,
A dazzling, wondrous orb of green and blue.
Spin me, spin me, tilt my axis;
Paint my soul with every season.
Summer's emerald glow gives way
To ruby, topaz;
Brightly gleaming in our wake.
The whites of winter
Descend from skies of blue -
Cry no tears, my sacred cosmos;
Time will be my prism.
Refractions of every colour
Infuse my essence;
My spirit soars to you,
My coat of darkness.
Absorb my light
At every wavelength;
For who but you can see?
:iconrom-maniac:rom-maniac 2 3
Your mind is your worn, decaying abode;
Its windows are shut,
Boarded over with years of pain.
"Pay me a visit," you pleaded all those years ago;
The day our gazes met,
When the brightest star fell
From its realm in the loftiest Heavens.
Yet still you watch me with a cautious eye;
Still you hide the key
To your innermost secrets.
You say you've filled your heart with love,
So why does your blood flow so freely?
Again and again and again and again,
Deceiving the world with a smile.
:iconrom-maniac:rom-maniac 1 3
'Lie With Me'
You're all I've ever dreamt of,
You're all I'll ever need;
So don't let me deceive you,
Don't let me mislead.
No secrets lie between us;
I'll give you what I owe:
All my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams;
Here's everything I know.
I'll tell you every single way
That I'll drive you insane;
How many times I'll break your heart
And make you writhe with pain.
There's no need to run from me;
You'll never have to plead.
After all –
I'm all you've ever dreamt of,
I'm all you'll ever need.
:iconrom-maniac:rom-maniac 2 1
Morning is here; the Sun's in the east.
The birds have awoken, and here stirs a beast.
Call out to nature; be joyous, be free.
Marvel and gaze at each cloud, at each tree.
Be wary, however, when the hour grows late;
When the fires of Mars burn brightly with hate.
The wickedest men; even they cannot know
Which evils occur 'neath the moon's eerie glow.
To death and destruction, the demons give birth
When the darkness of night descends on the Earth.
:iconrom-maniac:rom-maniac 5 2
Lovesick, alone, without a companion;
You lived in the shadows so long.
I heard all your cries; I heard all your pleas;
Your sorrowful, desperate song.
How happy you looked when I gave you your gift!
Your smile alone was perfection.
And yet...
I dread the day when you realise the truth;
That your true love is but your reflection.
:iconrom-maniac:rom-maniac 4 6
Wobbulb by rom-maniac Wobbulb :iconrom-maniac:rom-maniac 2 3 The Prince of all Cosmos by rom-maniac The Prince of all Cosmos :iconrom-maniac:rom-maniac 4 3
Diane woke up, sweating and shaking. She could feel her hair matted to her forehead. Her whole body felt icy, a bitter chill running through her veins, even though it was the hottest time of the year. She’d had that dream again. She’d been having the same dream, continuously, for the past few years. It had been infrequent at first, but recently, she’d been having it constantly, almost every night. She could never remember the dream, but it always enveloped her in a frightening feeling of dread and terror. It was almost as if her mind was attempting to torment her, to drive her insane. She had begun to try to stay awake for as long as possible, but she tired easily and she always quickly succumbed to her need for rest, letting her mind plague her with her unknown nightmare.
Diane sat up slowly and cautiously, still shivering and looked to her left, her beautiful daughter, still sleeping, in an age-old, well-worn bed next to Diane’s. Diane’s daughter, Rachel, alw
:iconrom-maniac:rom-maniac 3 6
If you'll be my lithium,
I'll be your fluorine.
Give me an electron;
I'll make you my queen.
Arranged in a lattice;
Bonded together, ionic.
For the rest of our lives,
Much more than platonic.
:iconrom-maniac:rom-maniac 5 18
False Dichotomy by rom-maniac False Dichotomy :iconrom-maniac:rom-maniac 2 0
Suspension of Disbelief
Our love will never die. It will transcend time and space, life and death, despair and destruction; no matter what befalls us, or our world, we will remain together. Our souls, the essence of our love, were created together; we have lived together; we will die together. Even after our deaths, we shall remain, as one…
An ambulance’s siren rang in my ears. My legs quivered, and I sank to the ground. I broke out into a cold sweat, and the world was swimming before my eyes. But all of that didn’t matter. Nothing really mattered anymore. Gabriel’s body lay next to me, no longer recognisable. I didn’t even bother thinking about what would happen to me; my life no longer had any real meaning. Before too long, his body was taken away in the ambulance. I didn’t really take much notice of what else happened; I think that somebody tried to help me, not that that made much of a difference. I must have passed out soon afterwards – the next thing I remember
:iconrom-maniac:rom-maniac 4 3
Eternal Requiem
Youthful dreamers, you and I;
We lived, we loved, and now we die.
Fate brings down Her sacred knife,
Enacts Her judgement, ends our life.
How beautiful, my spectral bride;
Entwined as one until we died.
But now, my dearest, we must part—
No longer can you keep my heart.
For is there place for love in Death?
Can gentle whispers leave His breath?
Or is there but a lifeless hole
Within His cursèd, blackened soul?
Was Fate once Death's, and Death's alone,
Seated upon His deathly throne?
Together, did They walk the land,
Floating, gliding, hand in hand?
For Death's sake does Fate try mankind,
Condemning all who are maligned,
Attempting to renew His joy;
His newfound love: to haunt, destroy?
Perhaps 'twas Fate who wrote Death's doom,
Enclosing Him within His tomb;
With every soul He claims as His,
Losing meaning, what was, what is.
You think you can subdue Death's plight;
You aim to be His shining light.
You wish for Him to smile once more,
To cease His raging inner war.
Alas, my d
:iconrom-maniac:rom-maniac 10 42

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i'm attempting open-heart surgery without a degree.
i'm a mess of cardiac nerves up to my elbows
a shock through the system when you flash scalpel eyes.
you're my life support, and i'm injecting you intravenously
my wrists remind me to swallow my medicine.
we're an emergency room visit to the operating table
and you can inhale me before you sleep
but you know i'm no anesthesia -
i'm the disease you want cured.
but all the knives and pills won't help.
believe me, i've tried. i'm a virus and i'm infectious
i'm hiding in your veins. there are no tests,
just natural defense and i'm ready for the battlefield.
if you can't join them, beat them until their lips turn blue
and they're begging for you - to stop.
i'm not a sadist, but my pleasure is your pain
and rolling the dice in our game of roulette
when you're never sure where the poison is.
well here's a hint: it doesn't matter.
i'm already dead, and the game won't be finished
until we're both in the morgue and our bodies burned
so our love
:icongothiksquirrel:gothiksquirrel 6 12
My Mind
My mind is a hallway, long and seemingly endless. There are no books, but pages. Pages covering the floor, pages line the concrete walls, overlapping and fighting to stay at the front of the rest.
Every so often there is a window, new pages come and go. Occasionly there is a naked light globe that hangs from a wire through a crumbling hole in the ceiling and a switch.
It is impossible to look back, only sideways and forward. There is no sound I can make, the only sound comes from the pages; whispering and rustling in the non-existant breeze.
:iconeyesofthedark:eyesofthedark 3 4
MS PAINT Nirvana by hizuki24 MS PAINT Nirvana :iconhizuki24:hizuki24 2,786 495
With Death Comes Confusion...
...and then the shadows move in.
:iconlady-florence-lc:Lady-Florence-LC 3 14



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